Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun has a proven track record of successfully litigating a wide range of business and commercial disputes. Our trial lawyers represent sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations across Oklahoma. This includes litigation involving management and corporate control issues, shareholder rights, employment agreements, ERISA, non-compete disputes, interference with business relationships and insurance coverage disputes. In addition to our commercial litigation practice in Oklahoma state and federal courts, our attorney's represent clients in declaratory judgments and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.


Hornbeek Vitali & Braun provides a seamless approach to legal service by offering responsive, coordinated representation in all aspects of labor and employment. We provide effective counsel to public and private sector employers in employment, labor, employee benefits, and workers' compensation. Our firm offers general counseling to employers on issues stemming from hiring, discipline, termination, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) compliance, policy review including review of handbooks, manuals and other employment polices and legal issues.

Insurance Bad Faith

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun attorneys have a strong background in navigating the myriad of issues that clients, including small businesses, international corporations and many of the nation's largest insurance carriers, face in the realm of insurance bad faith and coverage matters.

Insurance Defense

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun attorneys have broad experience in litigation covering the defense of insureds in controversies of all type. Our trial lawyers have defended municipalities, small and large businesses, professionals and others across Oklahoma, from courts of limited jurisdiction to federal lawsuits.

Mediation and Arbitration

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun considers the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to be an integral part of the practice of law. Our ADR strategies enable us to achieve results that further our clients' goals as well as reducing the expense and delay associated with resolving disputes. Our trial lawyers are experienced in representing clients in mediation, arbitration and other private justice disputes.

Personal Injury

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun represents clients against individuals, corporations or government entities whose negligent, illegal or criminally reckless conduct causes or leads to bodily injury or other personal harm to the Plaintiff such as psychological suffering or civil rights violations.

Premises Liability

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun represents clients against establishments where customers, patrons or other guests are invited to come but are injured or killed on the premises because of a hazardous condition which the landlord or business operator failed to repair, correct, warn about or otherwise address.

Products Liability

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun's trial lawyers represent individuals against the designer, manufacturer or seller of an unsafe or dangerous products which cause its user or a bystander to be injured or killed because of defects in its design, manufacture, labeling or inadequate warning.

Professional Malpractice

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun represents individuals whose lives are changed by professional negligence. Professional negligence includes medical and legal malpractice, professional negligence of architects, engineers and accountants. When an individual or family relies on the expertise of a professional, the negligence of those professionals can have a profound and permanent effect. Our trial team has a proven track record of representing individuals and organizations across Oklahoma who have fallen victim to professional malpractice.

Workers' Compensation

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun offers clients experienced representation before the trial courts, state appellate courts, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The firm's attorneys also advise and represent clients on workers' compensation reform, insurance related concerns, and the overall administration of their workers' compensation programs. Our lawyers understand the complex relationships between employers, insurance carriers, claims administrators and employees.

Wrongful Death

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun offers clients experienced representation in lawsuits involving negligent, illegal or criminally reckless conduct which causes or leads to the death of the client's spouse, child or other family member.


Negligence is the failure of a party to use reasonable care in performing an act, which brings injury to another. If you have been injured by someone who failed to exercise reasonable care, the attorneys at Hornbeek Vitali & Braun can help you. Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, at a social event, on someone else's premises or another situation where someone acted negligently, contact us to discuss your claim.

Nursing Home

Hornbeek Vitali & Braun represents a variety of clients to ensure the standard of care in nursing homes has been upheld. If you or a loved one has been subject to abuse or neglect at a nursing home, or the nursing care facility has breached their agreement or standard of care, please contact us to discuss your claim.

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